Video has become a total game changer for businesses and nonprofits. Video on a website gets people to stay longer and that increases conversion rates and sales.  When video is used on social media, engagement and sharing skyrocket.

While most of us know we have to get a good video up on our site, it’s daunting. Mindful Media Services can take the worry out of video by providing you with the expertise to plan and implement your video projects at a price that won’t blow your budget.


We offer complete production packages for web and promotion videos.  Just choose the package that works best for you.

Mindful Media Services is helping us to come up with a marketing plan to grow our business that will include social media and video, and doing it at a pace that we can understand, and isn't frightening for us. And also doing it within our budget.

Mary Bryant

Kelderman Klassy Glass

Marcia takes the uncertainty out of putting a video together and makes it simple and easy.

Sarah Feliz

I thought that I was going to be very overwhelmed, but now that I know I can make a video easily within an hour, it has changed my life!

Keri Fuchs


Download "7 Tips  To Get Cozy On Camera"

Would you rather have a root canal than be on camera? Let me help you get a little more comfortable.


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