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I’m Packing My Bags

I’m on my way to Las Vegas with my son to be part of the premier public viewing of my latest video, “Hear Me! People with Developmental Disabilities Speak Out”. It all started a year ago when Sherry Manning and Kari Horn from the...

Video – To Do or Not to Do

According to Business Insider, this year a whopping 75% of ALL traffic online will be video based. This study accounted for video; web, email, and instant messaging; file-sharing; and online gaming. This is a staggering percentage that is only getting larger by the day. By 2019, that number is predicted to be 80%.

What’s in a Name?

I’m often asked why I chose my business name, Mindful Media Services. Like many other entrepreneurs, selecting my business name took a lot of time, energy and thought. I wanted it to capture my essence, while describing what I do and how I serve. It’s tough to get in all into a couple of words!

How to Use Your Smartphone

Today smartphones and tablets have great cameras that produce high-quality video. With a little training, just about anyone can shoot video like a pro. Join us for a FREE webinar and learn how easy it can be! Thursday, October 22nd 10am PT We're Going to Show You... •...